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The Chariot Newsletter

The Chariot Newsletter is the official publication of Ben Hur Shriners.  Our mission is to promote the interests of Shriners, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and Free Masonry.  We provide our readers with the latest news and updates about our activities and events and strive to create a community for our members to stay up-to-date and connected.  We invite you to join our mailing list to stay informed of the latest news from our Shrine Center.


June 2024


March 2024


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September 2023

Chariot-6-JUNE-2023 newsletter

June 2023

Chariot-3-MAR-2023-1 newsletter

March 2023


May 2024


February 2024


November 2023

Chariot-8-AUG-2023 newsletter

August 2023

Chariot-5-MAY-2023 newsletter

May 2023

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February 2023


April 2024


January 2024


October 2023

Chariot-7-JULY-2023 newsletter

July 2023

Chariot-4-APR-2023 newsletter

April 2023

Chariot-1-JAN-2023-1 newsletter

January 2023

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Ben Hur published brochures during its early years, especially about upcoming Ceremonials.  And, in the 1930s Ben Hur started the publication of a newsletter and named it “The Chariot”.  The Chariot was published periodically until after World War II and starting in 1947, The Chariot was published monthly as Ben Hur’s method of communication.  While electronic communications are changing how The Chariot is received by the Nobility, The Chariot continues to be the official communication method.

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