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Hello All,  Here it is, 2024. Janet and I hope everyone had a great Christmas and brought in the New Year with a bang and lots of fun while helping us celebrating our 54th Anniversary on New Years Eve.  


When you get on the Divan, you know it is a 5-year commitment and that is pretty much all you know. You watch, ask questions, learn many things about what it means to be on the Divan, and you do what is needed to make Ben Hur a place you want to come to and have fun. Five Years, a long time until you are doing it and the next thing you know four years have passed and it is your time to serve as Potentate!


Each position shows you what is needed to make it work. The Divan is not the Shrine, the Nobility is the Shrine, and we need input and participation from everyone to help it be a successful year. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas that will help Ben Hur thrive.  


The thing that makes everything work is participation! Without participation, Ben Hur is one thing, a building, and it is the same for our Blue Lodges. The building is not the Lodge or Shrine Center, we are the Lodge or Shrine. Let us all work to build our Temple and Lodge by participating. If you participate, then you grow.  


We have several things planned throughout the year and I hope to see everyone at the Temple for these events. Join us March 16th for Ben Hur Arabian Nights Ball, May 5th for a Cinco De Mayo Picnic, and June 22nd for TSA Victory Party to name a few.  


I have to say thank you to my wife, Janet, for the support and help getting me through the first four years. I will definitely need her and the Nobility’s help to finish this journey.  


Our mascot for 2024 is the Dragon, because it is the Year of the Dragon and by the end of our five-year run, our you know what will be drag’on. I believe most of you know, peanut butter is my favorite food, so there may be things pertaining to that throughout the year.  


Signing off for now,  Ben Hur Proud!  

James Heineman Potentate/Nobel

Cell: 281-923-5890


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