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James McConnell

Chief Rabban

August 2023

Nobles and Ladies

Well July started off with a 2800-mile trip to Charlotte for Shrine Imperial session. We were gone almost 2 weeks with side trips to Kentucky and Arkansas for short visits with family and friends on the return trip.

The Imperial session was a lot of fun and work. Meeting old and new friends, sitting in sessions, and watching business being done.

Congratulations to our new Imperial Potentate Ed Stolze and our other Imperial officers, and our new Imperial Outer Guard David Hamm from Sharon Shrine in Tyler, TX.

The one item affecting everyone will be the increase in dues to imperial by $20. I know this will affect some people harder than others but it is necessary for Imperial to operate by the numbers presented.

August will be busy and hot as well, with parades in Johnson City and Fredericksburg, check the Chariot for other activities.

Remember Shriners come from your lodges, so be sure to support and attend your blue lodges.


Jim McConnell

Assistant Rabban

"Stay Ben Hur Proud"

(512) 750-5242

James McConnell
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