Chartered 1892
Chuck"Fester" Jones - Potentate

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor serves to assist the Potentate and other officers of Ben Hur Shrine and to make appearances at parades and other Shrine functions. The Legion of Honor members are Shriners who have served or are still serving in the Armed Forces of our country whether they are honorary discharged, retired, volunteers, draftees, and officers or enlisted. The Legion of Honor’s mission is to foster a Spirit of Patriotism, love of Country and Flag, and to perpetuate the memory of our Comrades in Arms who made the Supreme Sacrifice by giving their lives for their Country while members of the Armed Forces.

Stated Meetings:  1st Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Ben Hur Shrine.

Dark June, July & August.

2023 Officers:

Commander:  Fred Maynard 512-422-0452

1st Lt. Commander: Sur Eric Stewart 760-954-6689

2nd Lt. Commander: Ted Robertson  512-635-0631

Adjutant/Quarter Master:  Eddie Daffern, PP  512-656-5691

Chaplin: Don Walker 512-810-6511

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