Chartered 1892
Romeo Denghel Potentate

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor assists the Potentate and other officers of Ben Hur Temple at ceremonials.

We also foster a spirit of patriotism and love of our country and national flag; perpetuate the memory of those who died in the service of the armed forces of the United States of America and her allies.  In addition, we participate in parades and other Temple sponsored functions.

Regular active members of the Legion of Honor consist of Nobles of Ben Hur Temple who are in good standing, have served and been honorably discharged or still serving, in the armed forces of the United States, or any nation recognized as the allies during the period of their service.

The LOH has two uniforms, a Class A (formal) and a Class B (parade).  Cost varies.  The unit competes as a color guard and carries the colors for the Temple, so practices are required.  The LOH is a member of the Texas Association Legions of Honor and the International Association of the Legions of Honor.

Stated Meetings:  1st Thursday at 6:30 pm at IHOP, Limestone Drive, in Pflugerville, TX.  Dark June, July & August.

2020 Officers:

Commander:  Jeff Clark – 512-789-3038

1st Lt. Commander:  John Blair – 408-460-4685

2nd Lt. Commander:  James “Jim” Hollis – 512-565-6600

Adjutant/Quarter Master:  Fred Maynard – 512-422-0452

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