Chartered 1892
Chuck"Fester" Jones - Potentate

Directors Staff

Originally called the BEDOUINS, the Directors Staff was formally established on November 9, 1921.  The name was later changed to the Directors Staff to avoid confusion with mounted units from other Texas temples.  No matter what they were called, the meaning, objective, and function of the Directors Staff has not changed.

The objective and function of the Directors Staff is “For the advancement of Shrinedom and more particularly for the purpose of perfecting and maintaining a good organization for doing the state and mechanical work incident to the second section of the Shrine Ceremonials in the Oasis of Austin, in the most perfect and acceptable manner.”

In order words, the Director’s Staff works for the Director of Ben Hur Temple in putting on the “Hot Sands” or second section of the Shrine Ceremonial.  The Directors Staff takes part in Temple functions including parades, dances, the Circus, and hospital benefits drives.

A new Novice is required to make 75% of all stated and called meetings, and work sessions; 2 Shrine Ceremonials; and serve a probationary year as a Novice.  Excused absences do not count against you.  A “short” initiation is held for all qualified Novices, and the “New” members are installed with all privileges and prerogatives of regular members.

Stated Meeting:  3rd Tuesday at 7:30 pm at Ben Hur Shrine Temple

2023 Officers:

President – Donny Gonzalez 512-948-9182

Vice President -Carl Winters 512-707-1152

Secretary/Treasurer- Chris Garner 512-577-6893

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