Chartered 1892
Jeff Clark - Potentate

Clowns (SREKOJ)

This is one of the most active and visible units of the Shrine, participating in parades, State and National Competitions, the Shrine Circus, and many public relations events.  During the Circus, the Clowns put on a skit in one of the three rings on the circus floor.  The Circus program has pictures and names of the clowns, which they can autograph, by request, with their clown name.

You will be assigned a Clown mentor who will teach the art of being a Clown.  Your basic clown makeup and first clown costume will be donated to you by your fellow clowns.  “Clown Alley”, a national magazine, gives you great tips and examples on how to put together a costume and apply makeup.  We rear a red clown vest as an informal unit uniform.

We think there is no better way to advertise Shrinedome and to get real satisfaction from the smile of a child than to be a clown.  The smile you put on their faces give you a wonderful feeling that can last a lifetime.

Stated Meeting:  4th Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Ben Hur Shrine Temple.

2019  Officers:

President:  Michael Hollingsworth, PHONE 512-569-1461,                      email:

Vice President: Anthony DeFrancisis, Phone:  903-343-2363, email:

Secretary/Treasurer:  Ill. Sir Ronnie Lee, P.P., Phone: 512-924-0144                  email:

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