Chartered 1892
Romeo Denghel Potentate

2018 Appointments & Committees

2015-2016 Imperial Divan

Imperial First Ceremonial Master:  Ill. Sir James R. Smith, P.P.

2018 Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master:  Ill. Sir Gene Sanders, P.P.

2nd Ceremonial Master:  Mike Sanders

Temple Director:  Jim Kinley

Marshal:  Ill. Sir Gene Freudenberg, P.P.

Captain of the Guard:  Ferril “F.C.” Smith, MD

Outer Guard:  Robin Shannon  

2017 Financial Advisory Committee

Members: Stan Anderson; Ill. Sir Steve Rye, P.P.; Ill. Sir Ed Bromstad, P.P.; Ill. Danny Adrian

2018 Appointed Staff

Administrative Assistant for Office:  Lisa Hollon

Administrative Potentate’s Aide: Ill. Sir Ed Whitmore, P.P.

Buildings & Ground Chair:  Ill Sir Gene Sanders, P.P.

Buildings & Ground Member:  Danny Adrian

Chaplain: Dale Rundell

Chariot Editor:  Ill. Sir Steve Rye, Sr., P.P.

Colonel of the Units:  Ill Sir Earl Roberston, P.P.

Donor Relations:  H.P. &P, Paul Pennington 

Entertainment Chair:  Danny Adrian and Brenda Colwell

Entertainment Co-Chair: Jim and Debbie Kinley

Entertainment Members:  James & Joan McConnell, Chuck & Pam Jones, James & Janet Heineman;  Russell Jones; John Wood;          Ramon Ryes

Houston Hospital Board:  

Insurance Chairman:  Gerald “Jerry” Carruth

Insurance Members: Ill. Sir Greg Rye, Potentate; Chief Rabban: Jeff Clark; David Caylor; Sam Stimson, PhD, Recorder

Legal Counsel:  Gerald C. “Jerry” Carruth

Masonic Relations:  Danny Kleen

Master of Ceremonies:  Dale Rundell & Ill Sir Gene Sanders, P.P.

Membership Chairman:  Ill. Sir Powell, P.P.

Merit Awards:  Danny Kleen

$100 Million Dollar Club:  John Blair

Parade Marshal:  David Martin

Parliamentarian:  Gerald C. “Jerry” Carruth

Photographer:  Ramon Reyes

Public Relations: Fred “Buddy” Funderburgh

Sickness & Distress:  Forest Cruse

Transportation Chairman:  Vance Brown

Webmaster/Designer:  Brett M. Chandler-Finch


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